Connecting with your Sponsored Child

We encourage you to connect with your Child in order to foster a relationship that ministers to his/her heart.  Sponsorship is not simply about sending money, it's about investing in the future of a Child on multiple levels.  Your sponsored Child feels special because of your commitment, but they long for a deeper relationship with you that is possible through your expression of love through communicating via letter writing and pictures.

Listed here are guidelines for communicating:

  • Sponsors are not screened, so we must take precautions to protect our Children.

  • Direct contact via email with one of our Children is not permitted, however, you may write letters and send pictures as often as you like.

  • All letters and pictures go through our Sponsorship Coordinator.

  • As the letters are received, the Child's teacher will help him/her read through it before sending it home with them to keep.

  • To mail a letter directly to your Child, send it to:

    • The Suubi Project

    • P.O. Box 81

    • Bombo, Uganda, East Africa

  • If you would like to send a letter via email, send it to:


  • Emailed letters will be printed off and read to your Child as well.

  • Our Children do not have access to internet or email, so please understand that you will not receive a response email.

  • Please print your Child's FIRST AND SECOND names clearly on all correspondence.

  • Please DO NOT put your address and/or telephone number anywhere on your correspondence.

  • Letters/Cards will be carried over to Uganda via Team Members twice a year; once with our summer team in July and again at the end of December.

Ideas on Letter Writing

  • Tell your Child about yourself and your family

  • Ask them questions about their Life in Uganda

  • Offer encouragement and Bible verses that are meaningful to you

  • Give them loving practical advice and wisdom

  • Draw and color pictures for younger children

  • Include photos of your family and pets in your correspondence

Remember to keep your Child's age in mind while writing to them.  Use simple/plain English and write in short/concise sentences to help them in understand your message clearly.  Our children do speak and read English, but our vocabulary differs.

We sincerely value and appreciate your monthly sponsorship donation. Your provision for education, food, and clinical care is truly changing the life of a vulnerable child in Uganda.  

GOODie BAG information

Each Summer, we collect Gift Baggies filled with small gifts for our team to hand deliver to each school child during our VBS program. Due to limited space, we ask Sponsors to limit the bag to ONE gallon size Ziploc bag per child. 

An email with details and deadlines is sent out to all Sponsors -- please add The Suubi Project to your address book to ensure that you receive our emails.

Drop Off or Mail your child's gift to The Suubi Project, 7100 Lakes End Court, Mansfield, TX 76063. Please help us by getting your package to us ON or BEFORE June 15th.

Suggested Ideas to include in the Gift Baggie:

  • Letters and Pictures

  • Individual Fruit Snacks, Slim Jim Jerky Sticks, Peanut Butter Crackers

  • Toothbrush/Deodorant/Lotion/Maxi Pads

  • Panties/Underwear/Socks

  • FlipFlops

  • Pencil and/or Pen, Small Notepad

  • Headbands/Bracelets for Girls, Hot Wheels Car/Small Balls for Boys

  • Miniature Flashlights

  • Reusable Water Bottle

Please do NOT send bubbles or other liquids, play dough, or any type of "toy" that could be consumed by a child.

Other ways to provide for your child

Additional ways to give to your sponsored Child that is beneficial to the entire Family and/or Guardian is by providing:

  • School Uniform, Shoes and Sweater - cost $35 per child

  • Easter Dinner for the family - cost $20 per family

  • Christmas Dinner for the entire family - cost of $20 per family

  • Purchasing a Goat and/or Chickens for the family - $15 to $35 per animal

  • Purchasing a Mattress - $20 each