Dental Visit

During the first couple of weeks of March, we were blessed to have three wonderful ladies visit Suubi and clean ALL our school children’s teeth!


In just 4 days, the team cleaned nearly 100 children’s teeth! That’s a LOT of teeth!  We are so blessed by all their hard work!  They not only cleaned the children’s teeth, but they were able to extract many decaying teeth and also gave us a list of children that need to see a dentist.  They took time to teach the children proper brushing and flossing technique as well.  It was encouraging to watch the children learn the importance of keeping their teeth clean!

The team also spent time singing songs and teaching the children about God’s great love for them!  It was a special time that the children will not soon forget!

Thank you Kerri, Tonya and Merri for using your gifts to minister to the children of Suubi in such a practical way while sharing the love of Jesus with them!

Check out the photos HERE.