Visiting the Dentist

Last year, Kerri and her team visited Suubi to clean the school children’s teeth and teach them about dental hygiene. At the end of this month she will be returning (praise the Lord!) to examine our children and determine which children need to visit a dentist for dental work.According to her notes from last year, we have LOTS of children that need serious dental treatment, but we haven’t been able to provide for this need yet.

Kerri and Tonya working on the Children

Kerri and Tonya working on the Children

We need YOUR help!


I received a price sheet from Pan Dental and we have estimated that it will cost approximately $5,000 to get dental treatment for the children that need it most. We have $857 left over from our “Shoes & Sweaters” project that will go to this need. That means we need to RAISE $4,143 to help these children get treatment. Please consider donating toward this need…. ANY amount is helpful! TOGETHER we can make this happen!  Please donate HERE!

Bless you for partnering with us in changing lives for Christ!