A Gift from CrossRoads Camp

CrossRoads Camp is a center where mission-minded leaders are created through a practical, hands-on outdoor experience.  The center focuses on missions as an important component of their summer camp program.

This past summer over 600 children were taught about the love of Jesus and God's generosity  while camping in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

During camp week, the children are given the opportunity to donate money to a mission organization. This year the Camp Director chose Suubi as the organization to donate the funds too. The goal is to teach children about being generous and giving to the less fortunate.

Throughout the week, the Campers learned about Suubi, our school children, and our dream of building a Playground for our School. Each day at camp, the Campers could choose to spend their "treat" money on candy and ice cream OR they could donate it to the mission fund.  

Yummy treats or giving money away... that can be a tough choice! 

Lively Boys!

Lively Boys!

One young Girl -- who does not come from a Christian home and was just learning from her Counselor about the love of Jesus and the sacrifice He made for her -- decided to give ALL of her money to Suubi on the first day of Camp.  Even after being told that she wouldn't have any money left for the rest of the week to buy treats, she insisted that it be given to Suubi, saying, "I can get candy whenever I want, but these kids don't have anything -- they need it more than I do."

I agree with Camp Director, Cari Joy, when she said, "What an example of God and His generosity towards us."!

Sweet Girls

Sweet Girls

These children could have chosen to indulge in sweets and treats, but instead chose to GIVE. 

The Campers collectively raised over three thousand dollars to give to Suubi!  

for Real! a bunch of generous children raised over $3,000 in one week to go towards building a playground for our school children!  What a GIFT!  

THANK YOU, Counselors, for sacrificing your time and energy to pour into the lives of the special children you minister too.  Thank you for setting a Christ-like example and loving unconditionally.  Your investment will serve to change lives for all eternity!

Camp Counselors

Camp Counselors

Check out CrossRoads Camp at www dot crossroadsccc dot com

and Stay Tuned for an update on the new Playground! We are blessed!