When we started Suubi 4 1/2 years ago, we didn't have all the answers to the myriad of questions that ran through our minds and we were nowhere near equipped to do this work; but God had called us and we were determined to walk in faith to accomplish whatever He would use us to do.

We said, "Yes, Lord!" with no conditions attached. We simply trusted in His faithfulness.

We have made mistakes, we have stumbled, we have grown weary, and we have nearly been crushed -- BUT GOD has rescued us each time and continued showing us the way. He has and is continuing to do GREAT things at Suubi and in our community. His faithfulness is never ending.

We are grateful that He has allowed us to partner with Him in this work and we pray that we will continue to walk faithfully in His calling to restore hope and change lives in Uganda in Jesus name.  After all... He alone is worthy of our whole lives poured out unto Him.  Amen?

We are truly grateful for the support of people like YOU. We believe caring for the widow and orphan is every Believer's responsibility and know that we can not continue doing this work without your faithful support.  As the Body of Christ, we each have a part to do;  whether you pray, give financially, go and serve in Uganda, buy a t-shirt, share our needs with others, etc -- YOU are making a difference in the lives of the people we minister to and we are thankful for your partnership.

Together, we truly are changing lives.

With Love,
Gary and Cheryl