Dental Visit

"You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who would argue that a child could fully develop his or her brain, body , or skills and talents without proper medical and dental care.  Despite that reality most orphaned and vulnerable children in our world today lack such care.  In fact, in too many instances, their medical and dental needs are completely neglected."

(excerpt from Pursuit of Orphan Excellence)

We had a wonderful group of ladies visit Suubi this month to clean our children's teeth and educate them on the importance of dental care. 

We could not meet these essential needs without the generosity of volunteers using their time and resources to bless our children.  We praise God for His provision and are so thankful for those who go and serve our students and community with valuable services.

Dental hygiene is a huge challenge for our children.  Families are not educated regarding dental hygiene, nor have the means to pay for dental treatment when problems arise.  

This amazing team cleaned and varnished over 150 children's teeth, extracted over 66 teeth, provided all the students with new toothbrushes, and covered the expense for several children to visit a Dentist in the city in order to receive treatment for abscessed teeth.


The team worked tirelessly to make sure every child had proper care.

This is the third team Kerri has led to Suubi and we were happy to discover that the children who were taught dental "home care" last year were sticking with their brushing at home and had improved hygiene this year.  Progress!

These precious ladies also spent time loving on the children, singing and playing games with them, and even treated them to water balloon game!  

Our children were blessed by the care they received and a few expressed their thankfulness through writing notes.

Susan said, "A highlight of the trip was when one of the students handed me a letter and a drawing of a flower.  Made me cry."  

LOVE!  Love expressed through acts of service is a beautiful and accurate picture of how the body of Christ is meant to operate.  We ARE the hands and feet of Jesus -- loving and serving people while continually sharing the reason for the Hope that is in us! 

We THANK YOU for taking care of our Smiles!

We THANK YOU for taking care of our Smiles!

THANK YOU -- Kerri, Genefir, Susan, Jemma, and Cassie for using your time and resources to GO and LOVE and SERVE our Suubi school children.  Your investment to care for their dental needs is a crucial part in changing their lives and we are thankful for your faithfulness!